Sunday, 16 October 2011

blog traffic

This blog receives very lttle traffic normally. one or two hits a day.

However over the last couple of days it has receieved quite a lot more traffic (30 hits a day). Its all coming from Israel.
This was puzzling to me. Then i recalled making a post about volunteering in the west bank of palestine. Iv also spoke about terrorists, nuclear bombs and murder.
Maybe Israel's state security has web crawlers looking for this shit. maybe im on some sort of list. an enemy of the state.
maybe if i say a few more buzz words like holocaust, stuxnet, jihaddism that will send some siren off in some deep dark room, a man will flick a switch and i will receive a virus that emits noxious green gas out of my keyboard.

or maybe im a paranoid android.


  1. mossad is watching.
    you'd better run boyo.

  2. oh, my beloved country.
    it seems the laptop that i've received from the i.d.f is under surveillance(in this case 29 men)- who observe every click i make. or maybe it's just the wrong impression you've got.. who knows...
    anyways, beware of falling satellites overhead.

  3. i appreciate that. youv assuaged my fears of imminent death.