Monday, 3 October 2011

economics and politics

I thought this a very interesting video when it came out .whats equally interesting is how everyone has reacted to it.

its is extremely unnerving to those with little knowledge on banking. The populist media has tried desperately to discredit him saying hes part of a hoax group, hes being sensationalist to sell a book. the media does this not because they are part of the elite conspiracy but simply because the public prefer to have their fears assuaged.

the political left has got even more excited. jumping up and down shouting 'finally the truth' that hes has exposed the evil, greedy core of the top banks.

Lets not blame the rich or at least lets not moralise the issue and say they are bad, immoral people. We would all do the same in their position. money is delicous i think we can all agree on that. people like the man in the video do the general public a favour by educating them but he only did this because its in his interest as a financial guru.

ultimately we are all selfish cunts and the rich aint gonna surrender. the poor need to get educated.
the two ends of the spectrum i see coming together not growing apart so theres no need to panic, unless your rich.

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