Sunday, 30 October 2011

herr helmut continued

so he was sat on the top of a deserted trench taking in the peace and quiet. he had been left behind with 5 american prisoners of war. told by siegfried the platoon commander to execute and bury them. now helmut was a peaceful chap not really excited by running around shooting people like most of his compatriots.
so it was a bit of a quandary what to do with the prisoners. he had seen 'saving private ryan' and what had happened when the jerrys released the wehrmacht prisoner. so it was a concern to let them go. there was 5 of them and 1 of him so they may also beat him up.

so he continued to sit on the edge of the trench smoking his cigarette weighing up his options.

he carried a pistol in a holster on his waist. he took it out and wandered over to the prisoners who were being held in a large cage used previously for a lion. the prisoners baceme agittaed as he approached waving his pistol. then he opened the cage swinging open the heavy metal door. the prisoners still unsure whether they were about to be shot remained still. he motioned them out with his pistol and they slowly got out and shuffled out.

Helmut had made a mistake though. he had no intention of shooting them and was taking them out to have some lunch with them and let them go. the jerrys however thought that him waving his pistol about was a bad omen and one of the larger americans jumped helmut as he passed by him. wrestling him to the ground and taking the pistol from him.
now helmut was in the cage and David and the others were the ones with the quandary. a couple wanted him shot for their treatment when they were captured by other german soldiers. David however didnt want to shoot him but he wasnt too keen on letting the dirty nazi go either. so they tied his hands and feet and opened the door...

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