Sunday, 2 October 2011

idiocy is hammered into my skull through the beat of the music.

a group of black men in suits are jumping around in some haphazard tribal dance honouring their gods.

i should of brought ear plugs. i could endure this with ear plugs.
i am dragged onto the stage by my new friends. i dance like a retard for a few minutes to appease them then sit back down. 

minutes later only one girl i know is dancing on the stage. and the group of black men are cautiously moving in. the girl looks round for salvation and so i move onto the dance floor for some more humiliation. The men are more surprised than offended. one says something in my ear but my ears are broken now. its something about me not trying hard enough with this girl. like any sane person would grab her ass and throw her aggressively round the dance floor. then probably drag her outside and rape her.

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