Saturday, 29 October 2011

sex and its impossibilty

I was a bumbling, shy student at university. There was a girl there who i found extremely attractive. She was in the group of friends i hung out with and i would speak to her quite a bit. I made rather poor efforts to express my love for her which probably just offended her.

one day we were all sat in the kitchen. she looked at me. i looked back then began to melt. she stood up and led me by the hand to my bedroom. This was all to much for my virgin self. She took all her clothes off. i felt like running away at the sight of her glorious body. then she arduously took my clothes off. we sat on the edge of the bed naked. she smiled at me i could not return the compliment but this seemed to enflame her further. we lied down on the top of the bed sheets. i had a raging erection. she took hold of it and placed on the edge of her vagina. the edges of the world had been reached.
then i fell.

my body broke down and she was left covered from head to toe in semen.

eventually the semen coagulated and i reformed not unlike the evil terminator and his metal reforming trick.

now the girl was certainly open to new things but this was too much and she never spoke to me much after the event. although there are time of arousal where i feel the process of liquidation begin to move. it has never happened to me since.

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