Saturday, 19 November 2011

gore, upsetting videos, images

yeah so i just watched a video of a woman defecating into a bowl rubbing it on her body then having sex with some dude.
i seem to end up at videos of animal cruelty, violence, gore in times of tiredness. when i dont have the energy to tackle things that require physical exertion. It takes the edge off depression and reenergises. I dont seek these things out just slowly stray to them whether im viewing pornography or random shit on youtube.
one becomes less emotional about these things as one watches them and more rational. Its really not a negative thing. perhaps we could spend our energies on more important things but with regard to coming to terms with the extreme things we view i see it only as a positive.

the term 'dehumanising' is often used in regard to this extreme content. people argue it makes a person evil, more willing to commit the acts they have been exposed to. Iv talked about this before with regard to paedophilia. we must come to terms with all aspects of experience. you cannot ban paedophilia, murder, bestiality. make it some sort of no go area. this makes these things more caustic and harmful when we inevitably do become exposed to them.

as time goes on we overcome obstacles by enduring them. such as the diseases of the past: the plague, tuberculosis and all the illnesses of the past that are no loinger an issue. eventually aids, cancer will be non issues and new unforeseen diseases will take their place.
it is the same with types of behaviour. new types of behaviour arise and people baulk at them as they are frigtening in their rawness. then as we assimilate it into our bodies it is less and less of an issue till it no longer exists and another obstacle arises.
we can point to specific issues that have or have not been overcome such as homosexuality, god, bestiality but it is a gradual process and talking about specific things demarcated from everything else is not representative of how things are.
some people are further along the path of evolution than others in regard to what illnesses and ideas they have assimilated and are comfortable with. but in the grand scheme of things we are all not so different compared to times long ago and ahead of us.

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