Wednesday, 23 November 2011

a meeting with god

so to my surprise and delight my mother wanders in and says
"god is here to see you"
"oh. ok"
so i get up and wander out to the door and sure enough there is a man there in slippers and a not quite  white robe.

"come out here james and i will show you how the world was made"
"oh. ok sure"

so i wander out to the drive way and hes got a cement mixer spinning.

"so the world is basically made of concrete. I add a lot of sand, a lot of water and a good whack of cement powder stuff. hell i aint no construction worker i dont know the correct terminology."

I look at him with an expression of bemusement. he continues..

"but to make things interesting i add a few diamonds to the mixture and a few dog turds."

i continue looking at god wondering where this explanation is going.

"now" says god. "this is where you come in. James. you are the dog shit in this mixture"
"oh. I thought i was one of the diamonds"
"I know you did james. that is why im here today. to make things clear"

we look at each other. Gods got that whole graceful calm thing going on that only he does best. I look upset and anxious like i dont know what im supposed to do at this juncture.

"so thats all i came to tell you james. goodbye"
"oh uh bye"

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