Friday, 18 November 2011

stop online piracy act

The internet is the sign of the rapid state of progress of our times. It has transformed the world so much more rapidly than anything before it. It is a force of deconstruction and equality. It will inevitably destroy the old guard and their fortunes.
This is plainly obvious to the movie and music labels. To all those who wish to make money from data. The truth however is that the internet has rendered the transfer of data so much more efficient that there is no longer a need for these middle men, the distributers, the printing presses. They had there role in the past and people were happy to pay there money to be able to access music, news etc. But now they are obsolete and they still want to some how force us into paying for the content.
Well it wont work the internet is too flexible and pliable. and there are too many people willing to break the law to access forbidden information, media.

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