Wednesday, 4 January 2012

another meeting with god

I would like to make a skype video to put on youtube. the skype would involve me (playing myself) and someone else (playing god). iv asked a couple of people but people keep saying no to this great oppertunity. If anyone would like to do it with me send me a message or comment. the script is below.

God: hello james

me: hello God
 god: ....

me: well thanks for meeting with me again
god: no problem

me: well i know we cleared up last time that im a dog turd in the grand scheme of things and thats
something i have now come to terms with.

god..... [says nothing]
me: uh but i am struggling a bit with being a dog turd and life in general.

god: .....
me: so ... well... i was wondering if you could give me a free pass?

god: you will have to explain further
me: well im struggling with basic things in life. getting out of bed, going to the toilet. and im rather sad. so i just wondered if i could just skip life and you could give me a pass to heaven.

god: this is not how life works james. life is a test. you cannot simply skip it and then take the reward of living nobly when you have not made the effort.
james: ok well what about maybe a small voucher or something. uhm like some money so i could go on holiday?

god: look james i cant help you with this. if i did everyone else would want the same and the whole living thing would become farcical. you are just going to have to get on with it.
james: well im not sure i can be held responsible for my actions any more

god: i beg your pardon
james: well i have bad thoughts. someone might get hurt by my hands.

god: look i am not some weak parent or a friend you can bully. if you break the rules i have set out for you. if you trespass against me there will be grave consequences. goodbye.

god disconnected.

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