Friday, 6 January 2012

everything and nothing

in the beginning there were two things.

there was 'everything'. it was a small scar. it pulsated. it was hideeous and immoral. a nervous raging thing that was too scared to move.

there was 'nothing'. 'nothing' was an infinite plane of glass, minus the glass. it was peace. it was assurred and calm.

now 'everything' raged like a faggot for an aeon or two. then expanded. this expansion, this 'big bang' was the most significant act. if we are to blame anyone for war crimes and atrocities then 'everything' is to blame. it raped and defiled 'nothing' it plundered the infinite clean sheets. eating up the huge meadows of rose petals.

now there was no longer 'nothing' and no longer 'everything'. the two had ceased to exist in the act of rape and now there was 'something'. something - the middle road, a line that weaves between all opposites, all words. it is unconsciousness.

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  1. Is this original? Definitely an interesting concept to think about.