Friday, 20 January 2012


the murderers act of ending  another human being. killing a human is far more significant than killing an animal because they are so much stronger. they have much more vigour and dominate their surroundings. people arent scared of animals on the whole they are scared of other humans.

when you think about what the average human being achieves in a lifetime. to bring that process to a stop prematurely requires a huge effort. the murderer is in some ways a beast, an animal. someone that has not developed the means to exhaust themself due to constraints placed upon them by others. the murderer to be gains a certain amount of freedom from his constraints ie he escapes his abusive father or incarceration and he unleashes himself upon a suitable target. it is frightening in its intensity but the murderer has no more or less enrgy than anyone else he just unleashes it wildly then collapses.

murder is much more a reflex than less violent things like tennis and scrabble. the murderer is compelled in a way the average man will never experience. whilst most of us slowly plod along making a small change to ourselves and the world each day the murderer erupts once, twice, ten times and the rest of their existence is blank. ok i over simplify some murderers are somewhat normal they kill the weak and it doesnt cost themselves so much.

is the murder of someone more significant than the mona lisa ie does that act of violence change the world more than the legacy of da vincis painting. the painting is pointless now it seems, irrelevant. who stands in front of it and quakes, is shaken by what it displays or is moved to any reasonable degree? but when you add up the thousands that have seen it does it change the world more than a 17 year old boy being killed and all the upset and outrage that follows?

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