Sunday, 11 March 2012

the care of animals and putting them down

why do we put animals down?
"because they are suffering"

but we dont say "they would prefer to be dead". we dont give them that level of intelligence. We dont put humans down, why animals?

Iv been watching videos on youtube of dogs being taken to be put down. they are upsetting for me because my childhood dog was put down. i was away at university. i came home for christmas. the dog had rather swollen legs and struggled to walk. but my parents wouldnt walk her. i took her out and by the time i went back to uni she was much better. then a couple of months later i get a call saying she had been put down. i was angry at myself and my family for them not tellign me she had deteriorated and for me not being there.

I look at these videos and i presume when i looked at my dog i dont see these dogs as in great pain or miserable. their bodies are failing them but I dont think they should be put down. The dog no longer puts up a fight when taken to the vet it accepts its fate. When looking after anyone, any animal we should do what they desire. If we are not sure we should do nothing.
But care is always dictated more by the carer than the person being looked after. The owner looks at the dog and is extreemly upset at the dogs condition and that emotion drives them to take action. But our love and the consequent action is only harmful and the more upset the more love the more harm we do to those we are attached to.

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