Thursday, 15 March 2012


can you create your own world through your behaviour. Its one way to look at the artist. rather than someone who gives out merely someone trying to find satisfaction through his own creations. the world and those around them dont offer enough satisfaction so he has to produce his own content.

an alternate one would be that the artist is a sickly character. lacking vigour he withdraws to his solitude to work on projects that offer no direct benefit to the world in which they live.

but to digress well beyond this topic i have to say to talk of artists, scientists and philosophers is rather silly in this day and age. the boudaries blur and increasingly the concepts of old no longer apply. you can call yourself an engineer, a scientist, a gardener. but what are you actually doing? your standing in a room talking about the x factor. your arguing with a pedestrian about rights of way, your trying to suck your own genitals.

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