Sunday, 18 March 2012

dogs and politics

so i sit here and eat some pizza. My dog sits next to me. It is obvious she wants some pizza too. But i dont give it to her. whys that? i could simply say i am greedy and want it all which would be reasonable. people dont usually say this though. they take the moral highground. They say the dog is not clever.

" If i feed her everything she wants she will become fat and will be worse off than if i control her diet and behaviour." ultimately "i know best and therefore have the right to act against her will."

this is always how authority justifies itself. governments say the public is not wise it matters of finance, of ruling so we shall act for you. But surprise surprise the politicians usually do rather well out of the decisions they make and the populace not so much.

I give my dog leftovers and things i dont want. if she finds a dead animal in the field i will let her gorge on it.
 People, animals should have the right to do as they please if it doesnt really affect others. If my dog ends up a big bloat, rolling around with arthritis because of my lack of control well i will be upset but i will not regret my decisions. people, animals make much more progress if allowed to make their own mistakes. mistakes are just forms of behaviour we have evolved beyond and remember.  we cant be educated, or told the correct way as some sort of shortcut we must commit the mistakes ourselves.

authorites probably believe the moral bullshit they spout but really they are just acting in their own interest.

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