Friday, 9 March 2012

foundation of religeon

religeon is founded on a code of repetitve behaviour. it outlaws most behaviour. the physical act of prayer the effort of getting up at a certain time and heading to the church/mosque. the effort of abstinence. this is what makes religeon appealing. the doctrine is inspirational to the believer and the physical practices are its expression.

The idea that religeon was an organic process that 'god' has appeared in many distinct cultures and represents a level of evolution in all of humanity.
The elite the leaders who called themselves gods (such as ancient egypt)or laid claim to supreme knowledge (the clergy) and extorted the fruits of the masses labour with inspirational and befuddling ideas. Did these people do this cynically with the personal belief they were not gods that they didnt understand or were not in contact with god?  Without people more intelligent than oneself its harder to doubt ones brilliance and given enough inequality the great see themselves as gods when surrounded by such idiocy.

religeon is the ultimate example of the power of intelligence. the masses controlled by speeches and ideas that inspire, confuse and scare.
when leaders have to use force the game is close to an end. it is governments that are the obstacle of todays generation. but they are remarkably liberal compared to the past. they do this not becasue they are compassionate but because to impose stricter control would energise the populace to discredit them.
the proliferation of police brutality on the internet in videos is an increasing sign of the waning of police power not vice versa.


  1. This is almost unreadable, yet your effort should be commended.

  2. The "religeon" is quite horrific.

  3. effort is necessary to keep depression at bay but it never yields anything good. great things are effortless.