Sunday, 18 March 2012

mood happiness

is the rich man happier than the poor man?

not really. im not sure if happiness is the body in decline or in health but its relative. If we lived the same day repeatedly we'd become unemotional it is change that brings about mood.

the rich man is less emotional because he is less subject to the erratic nature of things. his wealth gives him a distance from the hustle and bustle.
the poor man is on top of the world one minute and despairing the next. the poor man is more moral. more of  a religeos mentality of good and evil, that is a result of been tossed over board by the world then dragged back on shore and given coconuts.

you can desire happiness, you can obtain it. happiness can be linked to certain things in the world for certain people but it is subjective. you cannot always be happy. you cannot always be sad. if you are born a slave and forced to eat turd your entire life you will be endure no more sadness than the rich man who can indulge his every desire.

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