Sunday, 30 October 2011

ron paul

it is surely a sign of the times that this guy and his policies as now getting a lot of publicity and support. I was for obama and thought he would achieve more than he has. Obamas policies despite being vague were a breath of fresh air from bush. Ron paul is a step further in how radical his ideas are.. his libertarian policies are the right ones in that they are anti state. the ending/reduction of taxes, state security, monetary control.

but he will surely suffer the same problems as obama of not getting his polices passed. whilst obamas policies seemed to tow a rather general democratic left wing line. ron pauls libertarian policies are probably against most republicans and democrats so i cant see how he can gain a majority to back his policies.
ending the federal reserve. this is surely completely proposterous to nearly all U.S. politicians.

herr helmut continued

so he was sat on the top of a deserted trench taking in the peace and quiet. he had been left behind with 5 american prisoners of war. told by siegfried the platoon commander to execute and bury them. now helmut was a peaceful chap not really excited by running around shooting people like most of his compatriots.
so it was a bit of a quandary what to do with the prisoners. he had seen 'saving private ryan' and what had happened when the jerrys released the wehrmacht prisoner. so it was a concern to let them go. there was 5 of them and 1 of him so they may also beat him up.

so he continued to sit on the edge of the trench smoking his cigarette weighing up his options.

he carried a pistol in a holster on his waist. he took it out and wandered over to the prisoners who were being held in a large cage used previously for a lion. the prisoners baceme agittaed as he approached waving his pistol. then he opened the cage swinging open the heavy metal door. the prisoners still unsure whether they were about to be shot remained still. he motioned them out with his pistol and they slowly got out and shuffled out.

Helmut had made a mistake though. he had no intention of shooting them and was taking them out to have some lunch with them and let them go. the jerrys however thought that him waving his pistol about was a bad omen and one of the larger americans jumped helmut as he passed by him. wrestling him to the ground and taking the pistol from him.
now helmut was in the cage and David and the others were the ones with the quandary. a couple wanted him shot for their treatment when they were captured by other german soldiers. David however didnt want to shoot him but he wasnt too keen on letting the dirty nazi go either. so they tied his hands and feet and opened the door...

Saturday, 29 October 2011

sex and its impossibilty

I was a bumbling, shy student at university. There was a girl there who i found extremely attractive. She was in the group of friends i hung out with and i would speak to her quite a bit. I made rather poor efforts to express my love for her which probably just offended her.

one day we were all sat in the kitchen. she looked at me. i looked back then began to melt. she stood up and led me by the hand to my bedroom. This was all to much for my virgin self. She took all her clothes off. i felt like running away at the sight of her glorious body. then she arduously took my clothes off. we sat on the edge of the bed naked. she smiled at me i could not return the compliment but this seemed to enflame her further. we lied down on the top of the bed sheets. i had a raging erection. she took hold of it and placed on the edge of her vagina. the edges of the world had been reached.
then i fell.

my body broke down and she was left covered from head to toe in semen.

eventually the semen coagulated and i reformed not unlike the evil terminator and his metal reforming trick.

now the girl was certainly open to new things but this was too much and she never spoke to me much after the event. although there are time of arousal where i feel the process of liquidation begin to move. it has never happened to me since.


here is the beginnings of a short story. i hoped to post it after completion but that may or may not happen in the far off future so heres what iv done so far.        

Unduku looked back at the conglomeration of buildings that was the town he had just left. He had lived there for a couple of weeks. rigorously going through the buildings and all their cupboards and crevices looking for food or something that would help him survive in the desolate environment he travelled through.
he found a couple of handfuls of maize on the floor of a large barn. some dried fruit still in its wrapper glued to the back of a cupboard door by some sort of syrup. and an old cabbage in plain sight on a table that others must of knew was bad and not taken. unduku didnt realise it was bad and ate it cauzing him to gag and then vomit 10 minutes after consumption.

he had been travelling all of his life. from town to town. up until 2 months ago he had travelled with his father but one morning he awoke and his father didnt. after sitting with him several days he left his father behind.
 the city he had just visited was the first he had been in without his father and there was a sense of relief that it went no better or worse than when he entered other cities at his fathers side.brb~~

he walked on away from the city heading east on his map to what he hoped was a river. walking for several miles scanning the horizon for other people. other people it seemed always wanted to do him and his father harm. he used to rely on his father to hide them out of harms way or threaten and possible fight those who they came up against.
now he was alone. all he had was a small knife. his adolescent enfeebled frame was rather vulnerable to harm and he understood this.
he saw a large object on the horizon. it was perhaps a building but had a strange shape. he walked towards it. there was no sign of anything on his map but it was not unusual to find small groups of buildings that were not on his map. after walking a mile towrads it the object appeared to be on one small strut that held it off the ground. a large tube like structure with strange shapes attached at one end. he walked closer. the object must of only been 500 metres away now.there was a small building on the other side of the vehicle form where  was standing set back. The strange object had huge wheels with large black tires. one end tapered to a gentle point the other had fins like a shark. he now also noticed a huge fin coming from the centre of the tube in the middle of the object projecting out horizontally towards him.
It was perhaps some sort of car as he had seen these on his travels. mostly they were broken down but a  few times seen people driving them filling him with a sense of wonder and curiosity. but this was ten, a hundred times the size of these cars he had seen. he moved towards it with a sense of trepidation. there was no one in sight as he got closer. the main tube part of the vehicle was several times his height off the ground. the wheels were two or three times his height. He walked up to the wheels in awe of the structure. as he got to the wheels he could look up at underside of the main body of the vehicle. then moved  to the other side whare he saw another huge fin on the other side of the vehicle in symmetry with the one he had seen as he approached. he walked all the way round the vehicle. it was placed on a huge straight road unlike any other road he had seen. the road was for one thing extremely wide 5 or ten times wider than other roads. Its surface was also much more uniform with well defined lines in the middle painted white. The whole scene was alien to unduku and disconcerting.
 As he moved round the plane examining it further he saw movement through one of the many small windows that ran along side the main body of the vehicle. the window was light then went dark as something passed by it from inside then the light reappeared.
Undukus heart began to thud rapidly.
he stood motionless 30 metres from the  plane looking up at the windows . he looked down the vast road that had no visible end.  he looked back at the windows.  more movement. this time a more subtle motion of an object adjusting its position. what was a dark round object became a face as it rotated and facial features came into view.  It was not clear as there was little light on the head but the fact that it rotated in such a manner and the vague outline of features meant it had to be a face looking at him. he stood for two seconds then finding his body capable of movement bolted away from vehicle and the eyes looking at him. he ran away from the direction he had walked in running past the lonely small building. fearing something or someone would come out of the building . he ran on getting several 100 metres from the vehicle. he looked back expecting a person or people to be chasing him but there was no sign. He carried on running till the object was a vague spot on the horizon. He calmed now knowing there was no one giving chase to him.
               He walked on to a tree still concerned about being followed. he laid down.   
He still had his water and nuts, grain in his backpack so he was set in that regard. He put on his ginormous coat using it as a poor mans blanket.
As he started to relax his mind relived the drama of the day. he presumed it was a group of people on the strange vehicle. probably a gang. but if it was a gang why didnt they come after him. most gangs were cannibals but even if they wernt they still always try to rob you from his past experience with his father.
he went over and over what had happened wrestling with himself over whether to go back there.
'It was trouble go back there surely.'
'but why didnt they chase him? maybe it was one person similar to me.'
'maybe they have masses of food onboard and they dont need to bother me'
' maybe it's a portal to heaven and entering the vehicle was an end to all my struggles.'
ultimately there were too many uncertainties too many questions and so the next day he tentatively headed back there to gain answers. He awoke from his short sleep ate a couple of nuts and a swig of water, packed his large coat away. he began to walk back towards the vehicle. Looking around on a fairly empty arid horizon. the earth was cracked with drought. no lunatics in sight.
As he got closer he became nervous. There was little to hide in or by to assess the situation wthout being spotted. he moved onwards knowing he was at about a distance now where he would be seen if someone from the vehicle looked in his direction. he moved slowly and cautiously to the building that was about 50 metres from the vehicle. edging round the building from the back to the point where he could peer round the corner at the vehicle. staring for a minute then moving back round to the other side so he could cover all the angles and not be surprised from behind. moving back to stare at the vehicle by peeking round the corner he looked at the windows mainly but he saw nothing despite looking for 15 minutes. he looked round the corner at the front of the building. there was a door. if he tried the door for access then he might be seen from the vehicle windows plus there could be someone in the building. he had looked in two window at the back of the building that revealed empty decrepit rooms. he looked at the vehicle windows again for a few minutes there didnt appear to be anyone looking out of them but they were quite dark. he moved to the front side of the building. his anxiety leaping. he looked through a window in the building seeing another empty room with just a bare table. he quickly tryed the door but it did not open. he turned looking at the aeroplane to see if there was any response with him moving into direct view but nothing. he stood there rigid staring at the vehicle aggressively challenging it to respond somehow. nothing. looking once more down the vast run way. 'Just what the fuck is going on with this shit' the lack of anything happening emboldened him. he moved towards the plane. there was a ramp that moved from the floor up towards the main body of the vehicle. he now remembered seeing this yesterday but the significance of it was not registered.
There was a ramp that looked to take you up to the height of the main body of the vehicle. It was strange however as the floor of the ramp looked to be moving. After qnalysing the ramp for 10 minutes he chose to test it with his foot. the result was unforeseen and he fell backwards but was dragged onto the ramp by the foreward motion of the ramp floor. he tried to stand up to quicky assess his situation but he was disorientated by the ramp and could not regain a standing position. before he knew what had happened he had moved to the interior of the main body of the vehicle and a door had shut behind him locking him into the vehicle.
Unduku was now petrified. he lay on the floor a moment then realising the floor was no longer moving tried to stand up. he pulled on objects around him and found himself on his feet. nine pairs of eyes looked at him. the other people were sat on seats but were not sat together. they were for the most part evenly spread through the space of the room he found himself in.he stood motionless in horror at being so close to these people with no chance of escape. the eyes of the others looked back at him with equal intensity. he stood there not capable of thought waiting for something to happen. time passed and they all continued to stare but no one attcked him like he expected.
he stood there for several minutes until one person in particular got increasingly agitated. everyones attention shifted to this one man. The man stood up from his seat then moved towards the nearest man to him. the man who was approached had little time to react and was attacked with a knife he was stabbed repeatedly then had his throat cut. the attacker stood over his victim watching him gargle as he tried to stem the blood seeping from his neck.
Another man jumped up and charged towards unduku. Unduku still had his knife but it was stowed in his rucksack he tried to quickly access it as the man approached but there was not enough time. the man however was not concerned with unduku but with trying to escape. he charged into the door that was the entrance repeatedly but it achieved nothing. Unduku concerend both about the man near him and the act of violence committed at the other end of the plane moved to a point between the two. he found his knife and gripped it tightly in his hand.
          several minutes passed and the man trying to escape the aircraft gave up. slumping onto the floor by the door. the victim of the attack had become motionless and the attacker seemed exhausted by his actions and had sat back down in his original position.

Friday, 28 October 2011

your medication sir

so you have returned weary. looking for something to offset your pain
well here drink these bland viscous words
feeling refreshed you go on your way safe in the knowledge
that i am a deprived waste of space and you are a hero of the reich.
but you will be back and one day you will realise
i have subsumed you.

Monday, 24 October 2011

you and i

we both sit here. sat in our chairs. looking at the screen.
the world outside is no more. the horrors of youth,  the world at 1AD.

Daniel protests:
"i go out into the world, i go out with my gun"
you have been lied to
as you stand on the guard tower look closely
look deep into the distance.
there in the haze you will see the edges of the screen.
then you can get down off your guard tower and wander deep into enemy territory safe in the knowledge
that you will just respawn.

Friday, 21 October 2011

herr helmut

the brown ground is frozen. the sky overcast, a monotone grey.

herr helmut sits on the top of a trench with his lower legs drooping into the trench. he is smoking a cigarette.

there was no one else around. the other soldiers had moved on and left helmut behind.

the peace of it all was beautiful.

Sunday, 16 October 2011

blog traffic

This blog receives very lttle traffic normally. one or two hits a day.

However over the last couple of days it has receieved quite a lot more traffic (30 hits a day). Its all coming from Israel.
This was puzzling to me. Then i recalled making a post about volunteering in the west bank of palestine. Iv also spoke about terrorists, nuclear bombs and murder.
Maybe Israel's state security has web crawlers looking for this shit. maybe im on some sort of list. an enemy of the state.
maybe if i say a few more buzz words like holocaust, stuxnet, jihaddism that will send some siren off in some deep dark room, a man will flick a switch and i will receive a virus that emits noxious green gas out of my keyboard.

or maybe im a paranoid android.

Saturday, 15 October 2011

the Tyrant


 The villain as something only part human. devoid of most of humanities character traits. expressionless. an immobile heap of flesh that controls the world with a steely stare. a parasitic brain using an idiots body for the mundane requirements of living.
a paraplegic by choice. allowing ones limbs to atrophy as they are superfluous to the core aspects of living.

power is not attained by hard work and knowledge. power is attained by overcoming societys rules and responsibilites. whilst the majority adhere to the social contract (to earn a wage, pay ones taxes) the rulers just disregard the rules and do as they please. this is not a choice anyone can make but a matter of evolution of enduring certain modes of behaviour till they are redundant.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011


every desire you have is harmful, destructive. extreme desire is extreme violence.

to live healthily/passively is to be exhausted.

Monday, 3 October 2011

economics and politics

I thought this a very interesting video when it came out .whats equally interesting is how everyone has reacted to it.

its is extremely unnerving to those with little knowledge on banking. The populist media has tried desperately to discredit him saying hes part of a hoax group, hes being sensationalist to sell a book. the media does this not because they are part of the elite conspiracy but simply because the public prefer to have their fears assuaged.

the political left has got even more excited. jumping up and down shouting 'finally the truth' that hes has exposed the evil, greedy core of the top banks.

Lets not blame the rich or at least lets not moralise the issue and say they are bad, immoral people. We would all do the same in their position. money is delicous i think we can all agree on that. people like the man in the video do the general public a favour by educating them but he only did this because its in his interest as a financial guru.

ultimately we are all selfish cunts and the rich aint gonna surrender. the poor need to get educated.
the two ends of the spectrum i see coming together not growing apart so theres no need to panic, unless your rich.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

idiocy is hammered into my skull through the beat of the music.

a group of black men in suits are jumping around in some haphazard tribal dance honouring their gods.

i should of brought ear plugs. i could endure this with ear plugs.
i am dragged onto the stage by my new friends. i dance like a retard for a few minutes to appease them then sit back down. 

minutes later only one girl i know is dancing on the stage. and the group of black men are cautiously moving in. the girl looks round for salvation and so i move onto the dance floor for some more humiliation. The men are more surprised than offended. one says something in my ear but my ears are broken now. its something about me not trying hard enough with this girl. like any sane person would grab her ass and throw her aggressively round the dance floor. then probably drag her outside and rape her.